Ⓒ Elias Lefas

Messinian Cuisine is based on the Mediterranean Diet, related to the riches of this fertile land. Mostly known for the extra virgin olive oil, with its fruity and refined taste, considered among the finest in the world, that is used both in cooking and raw. The olive oil comes from the famous olive variety “ Koroneiki ”, named after Koroni, cultivated throughout the Meditteranean. Together with the famous Kalamata table olives, Messinia is one of the main olive producing areas in Greece. It is because of this long tradition of olive cultivation, that Koroni was inscribed on Unesco’s Intangible Heritage List for the Meditteranean diet, together with the villages of Soria (Spain), Cilento (Italy) and Chefchaouen (Morocco). 

Messinia is also known for its figs, fresh or dried, black raisins, herbs, balsamic vinegar, wines, as well as its traditional sausage, and cheeses. 

Some local delicacies to try: rooster with xylopites (pasta), fried cod with skordalia (mashed potatoes with garlic), gourounopoula (rosted pork), kagianas (omelette with tomatoes), talagani cheese, lallagia (crunchy dough strips), diples (traditional sweet with honey), trahanas (type of pasta), famous pasteli (sesame bars), traditional smoked sausage with orange peels.  

Every Sunday morning there is a farmer’s market in Koroni, where you can fill your basket with local grown vegetables and other goodies. 

For those seeking to immerse more in the variety of flavors of the Greek extra virgin olive oil and wine, you can have a session of olive oil or wine tasting at Kiari Deli in Koroni, which offers a wide variety of fine Greek wines, their own produced extra virgin olive oil and other delicacies from Greece. Reservation in situ or through their website.

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