0,6km | 20 min | Difficulty 1

We had read about the revival of a historic path of old watermills in Kato Ampelokipi village, and decided that this warm autumn day would be the best one to go find it out. Kato Ampelokipi is a village of the Municipality of Pylos in a 40 min drive from Agia Triada, through the inland of Messinia. The revival of the path was an initiative of the Institute of Culture of Messinia together with the work of the residents.

The “Path of old Watermills” is a trail of about one kilometer with a small altitude difference. The walking time of the path is close to 20 minutes while, in relation to the degree of difficulty, it is on scale 1 (1/5) and is suitable even for beginners. In relation to the vegetation of the hiking trail, it is characterized as dense arboreal (category 4/5), while its beauty is included in category 4 (4/5). Finally, regarding the marking of the path, there are orientation signs along the trail.

At the entrance of the trail dominates the historic fountain of the settlement built in 1908, which served as the main water supply for the village until the 1960s. Next to the fountain there is an old oak, which is a candidate to be designated as a natural monument. Walking down the trail you will be amazed by the old trees and various vegetation. The old waterwills aren’t restored but one can see part of their ruins.
This path, which is located near the sources of the Minagiotiko stream, will be part of the planned “Minagiotikos Trail Natura 2000”, which will start in Kato Ampelokipi and will end in the area of Finikounda.