Nature & Outdoor Activities

Caretta-Caretta sea turtle in Zaga-Memi beach (Koroni)

Every summer the sea turtle caretta-caretta comes to the area to reproduce. The most important reproduction area is the Zaga-Memi beach (2,7 km long), protected also from Natura 2000. It is a crowded beach that hosts an average of 40 nests every year. Since 1995 Archelon, a sea-turtle protection society, has conducted a project aiming at the record and the protection of the nests. The reproductive activity begins in early June and ends in the middle of September.  During summer time, you can support the activities of the society and follow the members in their everyday routine (nest protection, beach cleaning). For more information you can visit their kiosk at the end of the harbor in Koroni.


The Wet Land of Gialova and Voidokilia Beach (53 km)

The Gialova Lagoon, protected by Natura 2000, is notable, not only for its historical importance but also for being the first important Balkan wetland that migratory birds come across in their return journey from Africa. Close to Gialova lagoon you will find the impressive Voidokilia (lit. ‘ox-belly’) beach mostly famous for its round form that resembles the Greek letter “omega” (Ω). 


The waterfalls of Polilimnio at the village Charavgi (38 km) 

Arriving at the canyon of Polilimnio you will find yourselves in a secret paradise of small lakes and waterfalls. Be prepared and wear non slip shoes to be able to walk through the canyon. IMPORTANT: there have been accidents at the site. Be careful on rainy days & while diving.


Kalamari waterfalls (48km)

A beautiful 10 meters waterfall north of Gialova, in an idealic scenery. During summertime there is less water but still the place is gorgeous for hiking.


Stenosia gorge and waterfalls (38 km)

A fairy place for hiking, Stenosia gorge is approximately 3-4 km long with small waterfalls and ponds, ending at the Kalamaris waterfall.


Boat trips (Koroni)

If you feel like discovering the area by sea, don’t miss out on a day-trip with Fishing & Dreaming. George, it’s captain, can take you to some hidden treasures of the area not easily accessible by car, such as the amazing Marathi beach, Venetiko island, Cape Akrita and many more. 

If you would like to go a bit further you can enjoy a day trip to Dyros Caves with Albatros II


Surf, Watersports, Bike, Hiking, Rafting

For windsurfing and watersports you can visit the Surf and Bike Center in Koroni, as well as the Messinian Watersports in Agios Andreas, or  Alpha Water Sports in Foinikounda, or Costabanana water sports in Pylos or a bit further the Kyma surf in Lagouvardos.

For bike rentals you can check the Surf and bike center in Koroni as well as the Finibikes in Foinikounda. 

Another great team that offers a wide range of carefully curated outdoor activities such as hiking, sea kayaking, river trekking, rafting, canoying and more, is Explore Messinia.


Horse Riding 

At Chranoi Village, Peripetia Horse riding offers nice trails as well as private lessons. 


Olive Picking 

Starting in the end of October the olive picking season ends around January. If you are in the area during these months you can join an olive picking day. Ask us for details. 



During summer time there are some yoga courses available, ask us for details.